02 APR - 2024

Kanta Harusaki “Out Of This World”3-Days Watercolour Workshop

Kanta Harusaki “Out Of This World”3-Days Watercolour Workshop


Since 9 years ago, when Kanta Harusaki exhibited his works for the first time in Taiwan at the International Watercolor Elite Exhibition held by KAI’s Gallery, his dreamy and ethereal landscape paintings immediately captivated the audience. His paintings, resembling scenes of delicate orchids blooming in secluded valleys, cleanse the mind and transport viewers to a realm where worldly concerns fade away. It's as if experiencing a spiritual spa, leaving a lasting impression of Kanta Harusaki in the hearts of many spectators.


The absence of visible brushstrokes and seamless blending of subtle colors are perhaps the most enchanting aspects of Kanta Harusaki's watercolors. His paintings evoke a sense of "water" without emphasizing the presence of the "brush." This natural integration allows viewers to effortlessly immerse themselves in his artwork, engaging in a silent dialogue without resistance.


Why does the imagery of water permeate Kanta Harusaki's paintings so abundantly? This may be directly related to his technique, as he prefers to let the water "paint itself," with his involvement serving as a supportive role. The essence lies not in skill but in perceptiveness—knowing when to let the water flow freely and when to intervene, ensuring everything comes to a harmonious pause at the perfect moment.


Although this painting technique may sound abstract, it is undoubtedly a source of great interest for many watercolor enthusiasts and artists. Therefore, KAI’s Gallery has specially invited him to Taiwan to share his watercolor artistry. Kanta Harusaki will reveal many of his unique techniques during the course, making it an invaluable opportunity for his admirers not to miss.

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