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KAI’S Gallery strives to manage and inherit the baton, and establishes an art brokerage mechanism and international friendship and cooperation very rigorously, hoping that it will become a trustworthy brand and future.


  • Kanta Harusaki “Out Of This World”3-Days Watercolour Workshop

      Since 9 years ago, when Kanta Harusaki exhibited his works for the first time in Taiwan at the International...

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  • Kanta Harusaki “Out Of This World” Solo Exhibition

    Kanta Harusaki, during his school days, studied interior design. Upon graduating, he naturally pursued a career in interior design and...

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  • LINE好友募集中!歡迎加入凱奧藝術!

    Hello!! Welcome to visit KAI'S Gallery ! 😊😊😊 Welcome to be KAI's  LINE official friend! Join the official LINE to...

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Join us to start a deep conversation between art, follow the artist to wander on the fantastic waterway, embrace love and hope, and let art shine!


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