Exhibition of Xie Mingqi’s 70th Creation: “Implication and Thought”

Kaiao Art Gallery is honored to announce that it will hold a solo exhibition of Xie Mingkai's 70th creation "Implications and Ideas" on May 23 (Thursday).
"Implication" refers to meaning and connotation. To put it bluntly, it is what the painting wants to say.               
It focuses on arousing feelings and has a quasi-literary intention.
 It contains life revelation and philosophical views through the pictures, and transcends simple visual beauty to connect with life.
"Idea" is basically artistic, a creative idea. Idea is the soul of creation. 
In my concept, only works that contain ideas are called "creations".
Otherwise, no matter how good a painting is, it is just a "study."
This exhibition adopts a dual exhibition venue design:
The first exhibition venue: Taipei City Arts Promotion Office (48 pictures)
Second exhibition venue: Kaiao Art (32 pieces)
The paintings on display are all carefully selected by Mr. Xie Mingcheng, and they are worth visiting again and again.
There are exquisite picture albums proofread by Teacher Xie for sale on site. The quantity is very limited, so please seize the opportunity!