Atsushi Matsubayashi松林淳 光の游び/光之嬉 — 3-Day Watercolor  Workshop


Atsushi Matsubayashi松林淳
光の游び/光之嬉— 3-Day Watercolor  Workshop


After 3 years of absence, Jun Matsubayashi, a famous Japanese watercolorist who is very popular among Taiwanese students, is finally coming back to Taiwan to meet you. This time, his new works not only focus on the color system, which is extremely difficult to express white and light, Jun Matsubayashi still insists on his ideal of aesthetics, that is, the pursuit of a world that "melts in the light with a sense of airiness and transparency".
Why do you like to use "women" as your theme? Jun Matsubayashi says, "Women's expressions are very infectious. Women can convey a story through their soft gestures, hands, and expressions, so choosing women as a theme can also be said to mean that I want to tell a story through a painting."
In order to express the softness of women, Jun Matsubayashi emphasizes the expression of light. Through the subtle interactions between water and color, as well as the ease with which the brush is used, the transmitted or diffused light creates a comfortable wavelength, leading the viewer into a world of delicate light and shadow, with which the viewer is unknowingly connected; and the misty and rendering of the water is deliberately left behind, as if the characters in the paintings are integrating into the soft space, and the object is one with the self, which is more capable of conveying the deep inner feelings.
"Shadow" is also a kind of "light" to Jun Matsubayashi. Shadows, airiness, and the chance of misty effect are important mediums that Jun Matsubayashi uses to express the inner face of women.
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