• Michal Suffczynski

    Michal Suffczynski was born in 196 with a Ph.D. at the Polish Academy of Architecture and is now a Ph.D. at the Polytechnic Institute.

    Michal is a member of the Polish Watercolor Artists Association (Polish Watercolor Artists Association), he has won the first prize at the 2011 Bellagio Italian Watercolor Festival (Bellagio International Watercolor Festival, Italy), 2010 International Fine Arts Award Magazine (International Artist Magazine) The International Art Competition entered the final round.

    Internationally, Michal may be known as a watercolor painter, but in Poland, Michal is better known as a Ph.D. and professor of architecture. He teaches at the Department of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and has several books on architectural drawing and watercolor. Illustrated work. Speaking of when he was young, he was once hesitating whether he should choose the Department of Architecture or the Department of Art. Finally, he was attracted by the strong hand-painted teachers of the Department of Architecture and chose the Department of Architecture. He is still very grateful for all the training he received at that time, except for the strong hand-painted teachers. The ability to draw freehand, which he believes is especially important, is to establish concepts of space and perspective. But when it comes to watercolor, he likes to move his subject from artificial buildings to wonderful nature; although there are also various types of buildings in Michal’s paintings, what he really likes to describe is the The style of nature, because this theme has a wider free expression space, allowing him to focus more on the pursuit of light and shadow or personal mood. Michal thinks watercolor is a very magical medium. He enjoys the free flow of watercolor to create surprises, but he also enjoys the precise ability of watercolor to create delicate descriptions. This dual charm allows him to do architectural or free drawing. Can be taken to something like a duck to water.


    When it comes to the way of painting, Michal said that he likes to travel with a sketchbook with him. When he sees touching scenery, he first takes out the sketchbook and makes sketches first, but he also takes a few photos along the way to complete it in the studio later. For the assistance of the stage, although it is not ruled out to complete all the creations directly on site, most of Michal’s works are still completed in the form of half sketch + half studio.

  • Work

    • Winter highland forest

      Winter highland forest

    • 中17. homole 4, 51_51


    • 中rusinowa 50_38


    • 中skarpa 56_42


    • 中Czarny Staw 51_37

      Czarny Staw

  • Exhibitions

  • CV

    • 2011 First Prize of Bellagio International Watercolor Festival, Italy
    • 2010 International Artist Magazine Competition Finalist, N 73
    • 1996 12 solo exhibitions at Massey University, Detroit, USA
    • 2015 Perth Watercolor Festival, Australia
    • 2010 publlished Hand Painted and Watercolor – The Art of Visual Communication