• Hung Chun Wu

    Values vary from generation to generation. It will be different according to the generation. 
    Every period of history gives people a reflection. It lay a foundation for each generation’s thoughts, and let it can last the future generation.
    It makes us think that what our true eternal value is.


  • Work

    • 中迎福 2022 98x72cm 複合媒材

      迎福, 98x72cm, 紙本設色, 2022

    • 中穩坐2022 98x72cm 複合媒材

      穩坐, 98x72cm, 紙本設色, 2022

    • 中光之境2022 98x72cm 複合媒材

      光之境, 98x72cm, 紙本設色, 2022

  • Exhibitions

  • CV

    Awards :

    2021 Chung-shan Youth Art Awards (calligraphy)

    2019 Chung-shan Youth Art Awards (wash painting)


    Solo exhibition :

    2021  Howard Salon, Taipei City

    2020 Volando Taipei Urai Spring Spa&Resort, New Taipei City

    2019  New Taipei City Art Center

    2016 Topline 88 , Taipei City

    2013 Cathy Art Gallery NTUA, New Taipei City

    2011  Chiayi Municipal Culture Center, Chiayi City 

    2010 Pacific Cultural Foundation Art Center, Taipei City

    2009   Xinzhuang  Cultural Arts Center, New Taipei City

    2008   Chiayi City 228 Memorial Park, Chiayi City

        Practice Gallery NTUA, New Taipei City


    Group exhibition :

    2022 Art Tainan 

    2021 NTUA

        Piao Piao Gallery

    2020   Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

       Art Taichung

       Art Tainan

       Great Seal Art

    2019 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

           Howard Salon

    2017 Taipei International Ink Painting Exhibition Bo-ai Gallery

    2013    Industrial Bank of Taiwan

       Wujiaochang 800 Art Museum

    2012 Songshan Cultural and Creative Park