• Chiu Chin Hsiang

    1970 Born in Banqiao City, Taipei County
    1993 Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Department of Applied Arts
    M.F.A. in Western Painting, Institute of Plastic Arts, National Taiwan University of the Arts
    Member of the International Watercolor Society of Taiwan Full-time instructor, Department of Art and Design, Fuxing Commercial and Industrial College
    Adjunct Lecturer, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology
    Currently teaching at National Ruifang High School of Engineering

  • Work

    • 中主視覺去背

      Cool Mountain in July

    • 中綺思春曉

      Yi Si Chun Xiao

    • 中燕子口印象

      Peaks of beauty

    • 中希望之源

      Source of Hope

    • 中漱石之歌

      Song of Soseki

    • 中遙遙疊嶂

      Remote Roach

    • 中潮境聽海

      Listen to the sea in the tide

  • CV

    Award Record
    1991 Ministry of Education Literary and Artistic Creation Award for the best work in watercolor
    1991 Third Place in Watercolor, Rotary Club of Zhongshan New Artist Award
    1991 The 5th Nan-Ying Award for the best work of oil painting
    1995 Best work in watercolor in the 14th National Art Exhibition
    1997 Best work of Guanghua Sketching Competition
    1998 Best work in watercolor in the 12th Eternal Youth Award
    1998 Outstanding work in Guanghwa Life Drawing Competition
    2000 Outstanding work in Guanghwa Sketching Competition
    2000 Second place in the 47th Chubu Art Exhibition in Oil Painting
    2001 Superior in the Glorious Sketching Competition
    2002 Best work in watercolor in the 16th National Art Exhibition
    2006 Third place in the 53rd Chubu Fine Arts Exhibition
    2012 Federal Impression Award Winner
    2014 Federal Impressions Award Winner

    Joint Exhibition
    1999 Cross Century Asia Pacific Watercolor Exhibition (CKS Gallery)
    2000 —–2010 Taipei County Artists’ Exhibition (Taipei County Government)
    2000 Taipei County Teachers’ Art Exhibition (Taipei County Government)
    2000 Millennium Kinmen Watercolor Exhibition (Kinmen County Government)
    2001 New Century Asia Pacific Watercolor Exhibition (Zhongzheng Art Gallery)
    2001 North County Government Public Space Art Exhibition (Taipei County Government)
    2006 Asia Pacific International Watercolor Invitational Exhibition (National Father Memorial Hall)
    2013 Taipei Art Fair
    2016 Formosa Art Fair, Taipei
    2019 Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition, Guizhou, China
    2020 Tianjin, China Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition


    Solo Exhibition
    2008 Solo Exhibition at Apollo Gallery, Taipei < Loneliness. Frontier >
    2012 Golden Car Art Center, Taipei < Light. Memory >
    2013 Qing Yun Art Gallery, Taipei
    2015 Art Decree Gallery, Taipei
    2018 Jilin Gallery, Taipei < Ten Years of Sound >
    2019 Macro Art Taipei <Springtime Order

    2019 <Liu Chun-ling> Solo Exhibition by Chiu Chin-hsiung, Macro Art, Taipei, Taiwan
    2015 <Look, I’m in Taipei! > New Generation of Humanistic Landscape, Art Decore Art Services, Taipei, Taiwan
    2012 <Jin-Hsiung Chiu + Li-Yun Lin Group Exhibition>, Qing-Yun Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan