Graduated from the Nihon University College of Art

    Sanrio Co., Ltd.: Character designer

    Sanrio Inc. as independent freelance illustrator after retirement

    Act as freelance animation creator

    After that, I acted as a watercolor painter

    JWS member

  • Work

    • 中留駐夢中-Resident-of-Dream-

      Resident of Dream

    • 中休息中的戰士-Rest-of-a-Warr

      Rest of a Warrior

    • 中放鬆-Relaxation-72.7x72.7cm

      Relaxation, 72.7x72.7cm, watercolor, 2018

    • 透明之夏--Transparent-Summe

      Transparent Summer

    • 中繭之姬-Cocoon-Princess-50x6

      Cocoon Princes, 50x65.2cm, watercolor, 2018

  • Exhibitions

  • CV

    • 2018.10 Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Omiya, Yokohama Tour Group Exhibition
    • 2018.7 Ginza Gallery ART POINT solo exhibition
    • 2018.5 Yokohama GALLERY ARK solo exhibition
    • 2018.5 Italy Fabriano exhibition
    • 2018.4 JWS Exhibition
    • 2018.3 Group exhibition at KAWAUSO Gallery
    • 2017.7 Solo exhibition at Ginza GALLERY ART POINT.
    • 2017.3 Saijotaku Museum of Art, a solo exhibition on the floor
    • 2016.3 Ikeda 20th Century Museum of Art, a solo exhibition at the gallery