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    • 中In the shadow of Captain Cook_c

      In The Shadow of Captain Cook 庫克船長的陰影下

    • Barred! 禁止!

    • 中balance

      Balance 平衡

    • Old Friends 老朋友們

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    Over the years Angus has received a number of awards. Here is just a quick recap.

    2012 1st Prize – International Prize, “Marche d’ Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour

    2013 Bronze Award, Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial, China

    2016  Peoples Choice Award, SDWS, USA

    2018  PleinAir Salon Art Competition, Best watercolour prize, USA

    2021  Best Outdoor Still Life title, 10th Annual PleinAir Salon, USA

    2021  Signature membership status of NWS National Watercolor Society, USA

    2021  Gold Award, 1st prize, Watercolour International V, Thessaloniki, Greece

    2022- NWS Master’s Cash Award (2nd Prize), NWS 102nd International open Exhibition, USA

    2023- Outstanding watercolour award, Boldbrush Painting competition