2023 Art Solo Taipei


05.04.2023 - 05.07.2023


ART SOLO 2023 - Asian New Art Exhibition

Event Highlights
ART SOLO 2023 is a solo exhibition of more than 70 renowned artists from over 40 galleries at the Flora Museum in Taipei.
ART SOLO 2023 is a "solo" art exhibition that presents one artist per booth, based on the gallery's collaborating artists.
ART SOLO 2023, which will be held from May 5 to 7, will focus on the presentation of contemporary and future art, the uniqueness of creation and the connection with contemporary society.
It is an expression of the artists' inner beliefs, taking the present life as the source of their spirituality, and practicing and innovating as much as possible.

KAI'S Gallery has two exhibition areas, so don't miss the works of the masters!
Chih Wei Yang C03
Liu Yunsheng Yen Sheng C04
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