Location:Silks Place Tainan 511 Room


Nick ALM

Sanghee AHN

Ting-Yun SHEN

Jansen CHOW

Chia-Chi LIU

Zheng-Zhi CHEN

You-Wei ZHAO

Hsu-Fei WU

(Fucheng. Jinghong. Like a Dream) Tainan Art Fair

During the neem blossom season in Tainan, the trees are full of lavender neem flowers, which are as small and beautiful as cherry blossoms.

The historical reminiscences of the ancient valleys and the purple spring snow are truly beautiful!

It is very similar to Cao Zhi's "Luo Shen Fu", which uses "Pian Ruo Jinghong, graceful like a dragon". This art fair takes glue color as the curatorial axis, and will be composed of several outstanding young artists from Taiwan Arts University.

Including: Zhao Youwei; Shen Tingyun; Wu Xufei, etc.

The contemporary ink painting of Dr. Chen Zhengzhi, the first person in Asian automatic technique,

Master Liu Yunsheng's watercolor classic series;

Multimedia expressionist works by Malaysian all-around painter Zhao Jiansheng

Sweden's outstanding Mesozoic watercolor oil painting double painter - Nikon, in order to achieve the vision of the old, middle and young generations inheriting the past and the future.

It also presents the classical beauty in contemporary mounting and form, and the ultimate skill of quenching chain is the most concerned angle of Fucheng collectors of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. We cannot be absent, because only Kaio's serious curatorial attitude can convey the professional service of the Art Association.