2022 ART Taichung



Location:The LIN 1021 Room



Fabric Lenny

Victor Vincent DAVIES

Chia-Chi LIU

Zhi-Jie YAO



The self-contemporary nature of painting is becoming more and more diverse and stronger, especially in the establishment of a partnership between graffiti and abstraction. However, graffiti, which existed in the era of the ancient Roman Empire, can also define cave paintings as a type of graffiti. But to this day a large percentage of it is identified as street art or its extension!

There are some disputes on the level of self-cultivation in the form of this visit or the manifestation of the gang, but supporters of the broken windows theory or social work researchers also accept certain understandings of anti-government venting, anti-consumption, anti-war, and anti-gender equality.

And we are deeply concerned that graffiti art belongs to the category of post-modern art and exists in the style of fringe art.

Since many of them are concepts that cannot be synthesized and integrated, it is obvious that most of them are vented for spiritual expression.

It has entrances, exits, grudges of resentment, and dream-like narratives.

Not completely negative energy release, simple extension of color temperature and area, full of love and lingo!

Therefore, we focus more on conveying the artist's creative form, attitude, and dialogue!