2021 ART Taichung



Location:Millennium Vee Hotel Taichung


Yuan Xie

Zhou Ning

Zi-Ying Li

Wei-min Fan

You-Wei Zhao

Zhi-Gang Huang

Elena Bazanova

Alexander Votsmush

Nick Alm


In this Taichung Art Fair, in addition to continuing to recruit artists who are highly acclaimed in Taipei Art Fair, such as: young glue color art creator Zhao Youwei, Swedish contemporary neoclassical realistic representative Nick Alm, woodcarver Zhou Mao, classical realistic Russian watercolor In addition to artist Elena Bazanova, a number of artists with different styles have been added. Among them are international famous artists who have already become famous, such as: Russian genius artist Alexander Votsmush, Malaysian artist Zhao Jiansheng, etc. There are also many emerging Taiwanese art talents. Diverse media and techniques, as well as cross-cultural and generational perspectives and themes, will bring you a unique and fresh experience once again. Welcome to Room 1105, 11th Floor, Millennium Hotel Taichung, and savor the experience.