Victor Davies Solo Exhibition “RUNK” ⚡


Victor Davies Solo Exhibition “RUNK” ⚡


The theme of this project is "Runk".

The idea behind it is the core of creation that combines rebellion with the trend of the times.

It contains the idea of artists rebelling against the norms of the past, reinventing tradition and rigidity in an entertaining way. It also emphasizes our diversified use of modern technology and innovation.

Conceptually, the Internet is no longer guarded by gatekeepers, and new technologies allow art techniques to disseminate and share knowledge, allowing us to reach a global audience that we once could not reach. This is also a kind of overriding ideology that knows no borders or boundaries!

The sublime colors of artistic creation and the expressive power of the artistic language strongly reflect the rebellious spirit and joy of contemporary man, and symbolize "creative journeys and explorations and dialogues into uncharted artistic territories".

Victor Davis is a dormant artist from the UK, a soul singer and a contemporary hipster artist.

In order to explore more diversified artistic fields in the future, Kaio Art will never give up any opportunity and accept any type of art.




  • 展覽期間:持續時間|2023/8/31(週四)- 2023/9/24(週日)
  • 開館時間: 開放時間 | 11:00 - 18:00(週日週一公休週日週一 離開)
  • 地址: 地點 | 台北市中山區松江路16巷7號一樓
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