Chen Ruiyuan – Ink Painting Solo Exhibition 󠀠

When we talk about Song paintings, it is rarely criticized by historians, because the paintings of the Song Dynasty are the role of inheriting the past and ushering in the future. We especially agree with Huang Binhong's words: Song paintings are like wine, but as time goes by...the more water you add, it can't be intoxicating, it's thin and tasteless.   

The "rhythm, truth, and meaning" of Song paintings are peerless Galen. For example: Ma Yuan's "Lamp Serving Banquet" has a special composition and blank space. Zhang Zeduan, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, is full of admiration for the rich scenes and business environment reflected in "Surfing the River During the Qingming Festival" by Zhang Zeduan, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty. It fully embodies the "unity with nature" in Taoist thought. The solo exhibition "Quan Shi Xiaoao" invited by Kaiao Art this time is the wonderful creation of teacher Chen Ruiyuan in recent years. I often ridicule Mr. Chen's study of ink painting, because he entered the mine with his age behind his back! But like an old elf, he enjoys doing one thing and another, rushing forward and undoing tricks. People who don't understand him think that they are just storing energy from young to sixty? It wasn't until he settled down in contemporary ink painting that he was shocked to realize his dream and future.

Song. Huang Tingjian's poem: "There are hills and valleys in the heart, pretending to be an old wood covered with wind and frost." It is simply a portrayal of him.Brother Ruiyuan, inspired by Song Dynasty paintings, worked hard to keep the mountains in his heart, and that was the valley in his mind that he purified.
Teacher Ruiyuan uses "semi-automatic" techniques plus "ink accumulation method", "masking spray method" and "transfer printing"
Delicately, layer by layer, he masters the accidental ink charm and dyeing effect until the perfect interpretation of a work is completed.
And this is also the situation where he has "paintings in his mind" and "paintings in his hands"!
He describes himself like a hermit: free and unfettered, with an unobtrusive lifestyle.
As a result, wonderful works can be created elegantly and intellectually.

  • Opening : 2023/10/07 (Sat.) 14:00
  • Duration : 2023/9/28(Thu.)- 2023/10/29(Sun.)
  • Time : 11:00 - 18:00( Sun.Mon. Off)
  • Venue : 1F, No. 7, Lane 16, Songjiang Rd.